Does Who Takes Your Engagement Photos Matter?


When many engaged couples start planning their wedding, engagement portraits are high on their to-do list. That's why I decided to start sharing about engagement photos -- subjects like what to wear, when to schedule, where to take them, and how to use the images afterward. That's not even counting the pretty engagement photos I like to share! But there is one crucial topic that these posts don't address: WHO takes them. Here are three reasons that I hope you'll have your wedding photographer take your engagement photos:

1 // Get to know your photographer 
Your wedding photographer is so much more than just that, a photographer! She or he is a person who will be near you for HOURS on your wedding day, capturing special moments and unique details, witnessing and documenting one of the most significant and emotional days of your life. The fact of the matter is, if you don't have a decent rapport with your photographer, things have the potential to get uncomfortable. An engagement session gives you the chance to spend productive time with your photographer. Use this opportunity to get to know them and build a connection! Also, this allows you to experience being in front of his/her camera.


2 // Grow more comfortable working with your photographer 
So many people clam up and feel awkward when a camera is pointed in their direction. When this happens, it shows in your images! If you're one of those people who gets tense and uncomfortable in front of the camera, DON'T! Once you have a chance to work with your photographer and relax into the process, you'll be surprised at how natural you can feel; which also shows in your images! Another benefit, is that you'll get to know the way your photographer communicates, and become familiar with his/her shooting and posing style. By the time your wedding rolls around, you'll feel like a pro!


3 // Gain trust in your finished photography
Depending on your priorities, photography can take up a significant chunk of your wedding budget. Not only is it a major investment, but you won't even get to examine the finished product until after the wedding has passed. Wowzers! You've probably seen samples and galleries from your photographer's past work, but many couples still have trouble imagining what their OWN photos will look like. Taking your engagement photos with your wedding photographer is the best way to ease your mind! After you see your engagement photos, you'll have a much clearer idea of the kind of images your photographer can create.

Your engagement photos are one of the ways that you'll remember and cherish this momentous time of your life. ALSO, they are a wonderful way to connect with your wedding photographer, get comfortable working with him/her, and gain confidence in your finished wedding photography. That's why, whenever asked, I ALWAYS suggest people to have their engagement photos taken by the person who will also be shooting their wedding!